Beginning in the first week of spring, I’m going to read John D MacDonald’s entire Travis McGee series (21 novels). 

I’ve long enjoyed his standalone work, and been meaning to get around to the series he is best known for. So, as they are set so often on the sunny shores of Florida, and having spent a great deal of time there myself, and them being quick-paced action/thriller tales penned by a widely acknowledged master of plotting, I think it’ll make the ideal summertime reading project – and a bit of a masterclass for a newbie author like myself. Teach me, John! I’m ready to learn.

I hope to be done by the first day of fall, at the latest.

I’ll be posting about my opinion of the individual books (and reporting my progress) here every 2-3 books, as well as some fun facts and trivia about MacDonald himself I’ve dug up recently. Be sure to check back soon (or maybe even consider reading along?) for updates.

Meanwhile, you can learn about MacDonald himself, one of my personal favorite writers, here, and about his most iconic creation, Travis McGee, the beach bum, salvage consultant knight-errant, here. 

It has been a particularly brutal winter here in western Washington State, and I am itching for better weather and to begin this reading challenge. 

Take care.

And thanks, as always, for reading everyone.