Chilling Tales for Dark Nights is jumping into their first multiple author print venture, a deliciously creepy anthology homage to the beloved (and reviled) “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” series, and I’m super proud to be among the contributors.

Dig that concept art, courtesy of David Romero. It really takes me back. I was the exact right age for the original trilogy, written of course by Alvin Schwartz and featuring fearsome illustrations by Stephen Gammell. Pitching in a story for this project is pure retro/vintage/nostalgic joy.

There’s a kickstarter campaign going on now for those as excited as I am who are able to put up a little money now to support the project. All the info about release dates and supporter perks can be found there (they’re really cool).


Check it out and please consider kicking in what you can. There’s also a list of all the contributors there, a truly talented list that I am flattered to be a part of.

Thanks as always for reading, everyone. I’ve got some new stuff coming out soon in a few places, promise to keep you updated.

Stay scared!