Storybook Gothic Illustration-JasonHill

Image courtesy of Jason Hill – The Simply Scary Podcast Network

I had some work featured on tonight’s episode of Horror Hill, a dark fiction audio show, part of The Simply Scary Podcast Network.

“Storybook Gothic” is a horror/noir/fairy tale, the debut appearance of homicide detectives Papa Grizzloski and Pixie Emberlight who, faced with solving a brutal murder, must seek the advice of a notorious criminal to bring a mad killer to justice before he strikes again. It’s a pulpy mashup love letter to two of my favorite authors: Neil Gaiman and Thomas Harris. I hope you enjoy it.

Check out that awesome original art too, courtesy of host / narrator Jason Hill. So cool!

He previously did an amazing job reading my story “‘Till the Road Runs Out,” and this is another stellar performance. I’m very thankful and flattered to be able to contribute a story to such a great show.

As if that were not enough, my story was featured as part of a double feature alongside “Please Subscribe” by Adam Cesare — he of “Video Night,” “Exponential” and “The Con Season” fame. Are you kidding? I love that guy’s stuff. To see my name up there next to his? It’s unreal.

Thanks again to everybody at the Simply Scary Podcast Network, especially Jason and executive producer Craig Groshek. I’m so thrilled to be a part of things.

You can find Horror Hill via the above link, on YouTube and just about anywhere else you find quality podcasts.

Stay scared!