I could not be more excited to have my latest published work of fiction, “‘Till the Road Runs Out,” featured on Pseudopod (Episode 557). I’m a longtime fan of the show, and it has been an inspiring and gratifying occasion for me.

Added to that, it was narrated by Dave Robison, who did an (of course) fantastic job. It sounds even better than it has a right to.

Check it out here. 

I want to thank the whole Pseudopod crew for giving me the chance to chip in a tale. It’s a wonderful production all around, and if you’re not a regular listener you are missing out.

Thanks to Austin for your initial interest and encouragement.

Special thanks to Dagny for your awesome editorial assistance (and much improved title suggestion), it really meant a lot.

Thanks to Shawn and Alex for allowing me the chance to be a part of the show.

Thanks to Alasdair for your kind words and thoughtful response to the story. It was a very surreal moment for me to hear you say my name this week, and your compliments and feedback are invaluable.

Also, thanks again to Dave Robison. He’s one of my favorite narrators and really did an amazing job.