If you have not, you should most definitely check out my friend Dyer Oxley’s podcast NW Nerd. Episode 4, just released yesterday, is especially timely, as it deals with the upcoming paranormal events in Port Gamble — a town notorious for it’s spooky goings-on.

I fist met Dyer when he was also a reporter at the historic Bainbridge Island Review. He’s a journalist of the old school print experience as well, and his in depth reporting on a new select topic each episode is easily my favorite part of the podcast. The show deals with all aspects of “nerd” culture here in the Pacific Northwest. The first episode focused on the history and unprecedented growth of Emerald City Comicon, the second on the darker side of cosplay culture, just to give you a sampling.

Get your nerd on with NW Nerd. Because geek is chic.