I’d ventured down to the grocery store to grab some lunch the other day when I discovered two vegan zombies at the checkout counter.
Rob and Sheri Moon Zombie are on the cover of this month’s issue of Vegan Health & Fitness. I had to investigate. Though not a lengthy piece, the article did yield a few glorious Rob quotes, like the one on the cover: “I Like my meat like I like the gore in my movies – fake.”
That he is a vegan is a fact about one of my favorite movie directors that I think I did know, but had somehow forgotten. I believe I saw his name on one of those clickbait lists (“Ten tough celebrities you didn’t know were vegans,” or something like that).

It’s not a lifestyle I’d want for myself … but I think it’s very interesting to hear him talk about his choice to pursue it and it’s also a wonderful counterpoint for any teenagers out there to toss at their stuffy parents who get on their case about those darn violent movies. A bad influence? No way, Mom. He’s a vegan.
Still, his diet has softened his approach NOT AT ALL. I caught the early premiere of “31” here in Seattle a few weeks ago and enjoyed it very much. It’s everything you you want from a Rob Zombie movie and I highly suggest you check it out.