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An interview with Leah Julius, bass player of Thunderpussy, one of Seattle’s hottest up-and-coming rock acts making waves on the the biggest stages around – including Neumos, Sasquatch!, Trucktoberfest and the Capitol Hill Block Party.

Leah Julius tried to be good.

Really, she did.

The 2006 Bainbridge High School alumna obediently made a beeline for college after graduation and got herself right into a respectable program (political science, naturally) and then just as promptly realized something profoundly important was lacking in her life.

Missing the music she’d written, played and loved so much in high school — and subsequently given up to go to college — had left a void in her heart.

A void she quickly decided to fill.

“I went the very traditional ‘Bainbridge’ route that I felt like kids are supposed to go,” she said. “I graduated from BHS, I went straight to college. I got a degree and then I started working in politics and I was like very much on that typical ‘Bainbridge’ route that you would imagine, and then in the back of my head it just kept nagging that music was still so important to me.”

Julius transferred schools, returned to Seattle and immersed herself in the music scene, eventually becoming a founding member of two separate bands, both now gaining prominence. She’s the drummer for the grunge/soul/rock foursome Sundries, and bassist for the sexy sonic assault that is Thunderpussy.

It really was a case of who you know, Julius said, which thrust her to the forefront of up-and-coming Northwest acts.

“Through Sundries — we’d been a band for about five years — about three years ago, I was introduced to a couple of the ladies who are now in Thunderpussy,” Julius remembered. “I started playing bass in between that time, and they were about to start a band and they wanted to call it Thunderpussy. And they found out I was a bass player and asked me to join and that kind of sealed the deal.”

Sundries released their debut album “The Wave” in July last year, and Thunderpussy has gone on to rock some of the biggest stages in Seattle, including Neumos, Sasquatch!, Trucktoberfest and the Capitol Hill Block Party.

Julius is set to return to her old stomping grounds on the island, and she’s bringing both bands with her, for a special all-age appropriate doubleheader concert event on the Space Craft Stage at 8 p.m. Friday, May 6.

Thunderpussy is set to return to both the Capitol Hill Block Party and Sasquatch! this summer, this time on the main stage, and they are recording their long-anticipated first album in June.

Julius said that Thunderpussy is the only band she knows of to ever play the Sasquatch! main stage before they recorded an album.

“Thunderpussy has built a robust following and was voted the best live show in Seattle in 2015, beating out the likes of Beyonce and Foo Fighters,” she explained.

The band has used online demos, merchandise and lots of videos to get their music out there and connect with fans so far, she said.

Not bad at all for a girl whose first show ever was at the annual No More Schoolapalooza at Waterfront Park that marks the end of each school year on Bainbridge.

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