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For many folks in the Pacific Northwest, every day is kind of Record Store Day. For them, vinyl never really vanished. But that doesn’t make the annual celebration any less anticipated.

First begun in 2008, RSD is now celebrated in hundreds of shops from San Francisco to Paris – and was an undoubtedly huge factor behind the beloved medium’s popular resurgence.

Both the smaller independent and the big time labels annually provide special reissues and exclusive pressings for the celebration. Some stores even host bands for in-store shows.

Nearly 30 shops in the Seattle area will reportedly participate this year – including Bainbridge Island’s own Backstreet Beat. The shop — located at 265 Winslow Way East, Suite 102, down the ivy-adorned alley between Danger and the former location of The Traveler — is one of the only retail outlets offering secondhand records in the entire county.

Backstreet Beat’s RSD offerings will include some special collector items from owner Raymond Gendreau’s treasure trove, as well as a 20 percent off sale on all vinyl in the store. Also, $2 bargain LPs will all be $1 all day long.

Visit or call 206-780-6721 for more info.

Read the shop’s origin story: “It’s Vinyl-lly Here!”